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Police patrol increases in Vashi following house break-ins, chain snatching incidents

By Hindustan Times

Increase in house break-ins as well as chain snatching in Vashi node has prompted the police department to increase patrolling in the areas. Residents of Vashi Sectors 1-8 are breathing a sigh of relief after observing more police movements after there were multiple instances of thefts in the node.

“We had become extremely cautious about locking our houses and going out for the fear of getting robbed. Even going for a walk was no longer safe as there were instances of chain snatching happening. In fact, in two instances related to house break-ins, the thieves are so emboldened that they even took the digital video recorder,” said Ritesh Desai, a resident from Sector 1.

The resident recounted seeing police patrolling the area more frequently. “I had gone for a stroll late in the night when a patrolling unit came over and questioned me,” he said.

As per the police records, a total of 15 house break-ins and eight chain snatching incidents have occurred in Vashi in the last nine months.

In cognisance of the situation, former corporator of the ward, Divya Vaibhav Gaikwad, raised the matter with the police and sought more precautionary measures. In the letter addressed to the senior police inspector, the Gaikwad has informed about the brazen manner in which houses were being robbed multiple times in the area.

“At least two row houses in Vashi Sectors 6 and 7 were robbed twice. Similar thefts were happening in other Sectors as well. Concerned for the well-being of the residents, there are high vision cameras installed at the entry and exit points of the sectors. We are hoping that police take help from these cameras to nab the criminals,” Gaikwad said.

Within the Navi Mumbai police commissionerate, 146 cases of night time house break-ins were registered. Of these, 36 cases were detected.

Vashi police are said to have increased patrolling as well as finding positive leads about the house break-ins.

“Two police personnel have been deployed to take multiple rounds of the area during the night. Residents loitering late at night are being questioned. With regard to the thefts, we have got positive leads that will help in tracing the robbers,” said senior police inspector Ramesh Chavan.

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